one of the best thing that has ever happened on the internet

the official You & I music video.


mirikkku asked:

What do you like about Harry? :)

rockmehliam answered:

Here is a summary about what I love about

His voice

His impeccable dance moves

His upper body and the way he moves *_*

Dont get me started on his hips

He has the most perfect and gorgeous legs known to human kind

and his skinny jeans

When he underestimates how lanky and tall he is

When he is flattered and he almost blushes and those dimples appear that could stop world hunger

The way he moulds into a hug and holds the person so tight because he doesn’t want to let go

He is sensitive

When he is disturbed he still looks cute as fuck

He isnt afraid to get messy

He thinks its okay to walk around half naked

He still looks like a cute boy sometimes

His smile that could light up anyone’s world

The fact that he knows the effect he has on people

Overall he is just so cute

and so sincere and caring

and still manages to be like the sexiest person alive
so…. how can you NOT like him?!


Enough said👌 this is perf❤️